Roborock Dyad Wireless Wet and Dry

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Roborock Dyad 13000Pa Smart Wireless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner Rechargeable All-in-One Vacuum Cleaner Mop with Dual Tank Design Self-Cleaning LED Display for Hard Floor, Pet Hair

● Wet Mess. Dry Mess. Make it No Mess.

Vanquish Wet and Dry Messes

Make wet and dry dirt disappear at a stroke with DyadPower.The only dual roller motor, multi-roller wet/dry vacuum in the world.*

Better Cleaning Edge to Edge

Clean better with more rollers*.One full-length main roller plus two rear rollers equal massive cleaning power. Right to both edges of the cleaning head, leaving dirt no escape.

Move Smooth

An agile cleaning head whips around with a flick, making light work of getting around furniture.

Move Fast

No more fighting.Two rollers spinning in opposite directions make pushing and pulling equally easy.

Smarter than your Average Cleaner

Adaptive cleaning automatically uses more suction and more water on tough stains for a better clean.

Not Just for Spills and Stains

A high-capacity battery can run non-stop for up to 35 minutes cleaning up to 284sqm(3056sqft)*.And you can still clean up to 108sqm (1162sqft) without emptying the dirty water tank.

● Floor Drying mode

Want to dry off wet bathroom floors? Switch to Floor Drying mode for maximum suction and suck the water away.

● Disappear Grimy Water

Filled with grime churned up by the DyadPower system, dirty water is sucked up,up, and away. Leaving floors clean and dry.

● Even Stronger Cleaning

Custom designed cleaning solution doubles down on cleaning power.

● No Cleaning After Cleaning

Wash your rollers with the push of a button,so your hands stay clean.

● Listen Out for Alerts

Need a refill? Had a problem?Listen out for the voice alerts. No need to memorize icons or dig out the manual.

● Smart Screen

Focus on the areas that need cleaning most with the on-screen dirt indicator.