Dreame F9 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Dreame Robot Vacuum-Mop F9 Main Features

* 15 Advantages V-SLAM Robot Vacuum-Mop 2.0
* Pioneer 2.0-Truly Precise V-Slam Scans 30,000 data points per second, Create a map in time.
* Localization Technology assisted by light-stream Real -time coordinate calibration stable operation
* Powerful Computing Smart Dynamic Mapping Calculate route 50 times/ seconds, Plan the best route..
* 5 New Advanced Mapping Functions Customize your most efficient cleaning steps
* 200ml Smart electric Water Tank One refill for wet mopping the whole house
* High Capacity 5200mAh Lithium Battery 50mins runtime guranteed capable of cleaning large house
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  Detailed parameters

All-New Dreame Robot Vacuum-Mop F9
Pioneer 2.0 Optical Visual Navigation 
Powerful and Intelligent Spotlessly Clean
Smart Route Planning / Advanced Mapping / Better Vacuuming and Mopping / Eliminates Dust debris
15 Superior Advantages V-SLAM ROBOT VACUUM-MOP 2.0
Pioneer 2.0-Truly Precise V-Slam
Scans 30,000 data points per second
Dreame’s pioneer 2.0 optical visual navigation system leverages leading OV visual sensors to rapidly capture and process complex spatial features. This helps the robot locate position itself automatically so as to achieve faster and more accurate mapping, while also protecting user privacy. 
Reasons for Choosing Pioneer 2.0 Optical Visual Navigation
Localization Technology Assisted by Light-stream
Real-time coordinate calibration & stable operation
A light stream sensor works with the navigation system to accurately calibrate coordinates in real-time and correct the route in dim environment.
Powerful Computing Smart Dynamic Mapping
Calculate route 50 times/seconds
An advanced algorithm helps the robot to process information in real-time and intelligently plan its route. It can ensure full coverage of a given area and zero overlap with areas already cleaned even under complicated scenarios. 
5 New Advanced Mapping Functions
Customize your most efficient cleaning steps 
Map Memory and Area Division
Knows your home’s layout and plans route accordingly
A Smart Robot and A truly Powerful Vacuum Cleaner
It is equipped with the Japanese Nidec brushless motor with 2,500Pa strong suction, which can help get rid of all kinds of allergens and dirt on the floor, the carpets and other surfaces.
Eliminate dust at the micron-level
Takes care of all types of dirt and grime
0.1mm microfiber roller brush
The brush offers full coverage of the floor surface leaving nothing behind 
High-speed 190rpm side brush
Covers all corners for thorough cleaning
Two-layer dustbin and filtration system
Picks up particles down to 0.3 microns, effectively filtering pollen and allergens
Large 600ml dustbin
Super large dustbin Less frequent dumping
200ml Smart Electric Water Tank
One refill for wet mopping the whole house
Equips smart electric water tank with precision anti-leakage control so you can mop and protect your floors. Mop for up to 90 minutes with just a single refill. 
Three levels of water flow for different cleaning scenarios
Three options of water volume are offered in the App to suit different cleaning needs and make sure of good mopping performance. 
Microfiber anti-bacterial flexible mop kills 99.99% of bacteria 
By leveraging the microfiber technology, the mop can be flexibly adjusted to release the water evenly, as official tests proved , it can kill 99.99% of the bacteria ,thus offering you and family the best care.
High Capacity 5200mAh Lithium Battery
150mins runtime guranteed, capable of cleaning large house.
Automatically charges when battery is low before continuing where it left off. 
Capable of operating even when unattended Automatic Charging When automatic charging is turned on, the cleaner will return to the charging port when the battery is low.
Cleaning Resumption The robot cleaner will continue where it left off after charging to 80% battery. 
An “Off-Road” Machine
Easily crosses obstacles of 20mm*
Equipped With 14 Sets of Sensors
Adapts to complicated environment
Route planning when cleaning the carpet
8 sets of infrared sensors to detect obstacles
Sensors to avoid sudden drops
Remotely Manage Cleaning on APP 
You’re just one tap away from a spotless life 
Thinking of every detail to improve the user experience 
OTA Online Upgrading Continuous learning for  better performanc.
Washable Filter Accessories Easy maintenance 8cm Ultra-thin Body Easily works underneath furniture.
Professionals You Can Trust 
Dreame quality brings you the best care 
Over 500,000  bump plate tests 
Over 200,000 infrared buffer bump tests 
Over 20,000  drive wheel pressure tests 
Over 260 hours of continuous  working of water pump 
Product Information of Dreame F9   
Specifications of F9
Product Dimensions: 350 x 350 x 80mm
Rated Voltage: 14.4V
Product Color: White 
Rated Power: 40W
Product Net Weight: 3700g
Battery: 5200mAh
Wi-Fi Connection: Wi-Fi

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