ABIR Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Main Features:
1.Eight-core chip: Comprehensive breakthrough of intelligence. Smart sweeping and mopping. High coverage rate.
2. Visual Triple navigation: 360° whole house positioning. Built map efficiently and precisely.
3. APP Visual map:  APP map navigation , you can check the cleaning route at any time.
4. Customized Cleaning Plan: you can set cleaning area and virtual wall on map, you can direct the robot to clean designated target spot since its accurate position.
5. Creative threshold switch on app:  if your door sill is more than 1cm, you can set the climbing switch to make robot cross it or not.
6.4500pa strong suction power, it has three leves of suction which is low, medium and high. It can vacuum big particles and clean tiny dust.
7. Easily cross the obstacles, it can cross the obstacle with height of 2cm and other usual obstacles.
8. 360ml electric+pump water tank(3 levels adjustment), even penetration, fast mopping, the floor will dry immediately after we mopping. And the floor will not be harmed.
9. About 250 ㎡ cleaning square meters.2600mah high energy density lithium battery enables long-lasting service life ( cycle life lengthened , high energy density, heat resistant)
10. 600ml dustbin box,42sets sensors, lengthened side brush to achieve a comprehensive cleaning effect
11. Support Yandex alice , google home, amazon alexa
Basic Information
Product Size:  330 x 330 x 76 mm
Navigation System: Camera+ VSLAM+ SLAM Triple Navigation
Max. Suction: 6000 Pa
Voltage : 25 W
Dust Bin Capacity :600 ml
Water Tank Capacity 360ml
Sweeping+Mopping :YES
Run Time: About 120 min
Obstacle Crossing Ability:  2CM
Sweeping+Mopping :Yes
Cleaning Area : 200 ㎡
Charging Time : <6 hours
What's in the box?
Main body X1
Charging station X1
Remote controller X1(Batteries not included)
AC adapter X1
Dust bin X1, Electric water tank X1
Cleaning brush X1
Extra side Brush X2
Extra HEPA filter X1
Extra mop X1
User manual X1
1.Please provide your full name when filling in the address.
2. Our robot is suitable for all the countries. The adapter is EU type, that is two pin, round shape, with AC 100-240V input voltage, and 50/60HZ frequency.
If you are buyer from Australia, New Zealand etc. countries which use Australian type plug, we will put AU plug in the parcel.
If you are buyer from USA, Canada etc, countries which use American type plug, We will put US plug in the parcel.
If you are buyer from UK, Malaysia, etc. countries which use British type plug, We will put British type plug in the parcel.
Our warranty is 3 years. If any problem happens to the robot, you can send video to show the situation, then we will send free spare parts for your replacement. If out of warranty, we will still support you.